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The New Chicken Parmigiana Shapes Flavour Has Reignited The Parmi Vs Parma Debate

The New Chicken Parmigiana Shapes Flavour Has Reignited The Parmi Vs Parma Debate

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Aussies love a Chicken Parmigiana just as much as they love to reduce every word to as few syllables as possible, but we absolutely cannot agree on how to best combine those two things.

For the record, it’s absolutely ‘parma’. However, research commissioned by Arnott’s revealed that 45 percent of people surveyed were very wrong and say ‘parmi’, while only 34 percent say Parma. Yes, that left 21 percent who apparently called it something else (aka they hit the ‘other’ response), which frankly is even more confusing.

It’s no surprise that the ‘correct’ answer strongly depends on which part of Australia you’re from. For example, Victoria was 64 percent about the ‘parma’.

Correct. (Image: Provided / Arnott’s)

Why were they even surveyed in the first place? Because Arnott’s latest flavour of Shapes is Chicken Parmigiana, and they frankly weren’t sure what to put on the box.

“We know Aussies are a nation of pub lovers and it’s been tough not being able to enjoy our favourite pub feeds as often as we’d like the past few months,” said Arnott’s Marketing Manager Savoury, Shannon Wright, in a statement. “So we decided to expand our Shapes Aussie Legends range with another one of the tastes Australians love”.

The answer Shapes came up with re the box was fairly simple: they did both. So if you’re someone who feels very passionately about how to shorten this particular dish, you can just flip the box around until it’s on the ‘right’ side.

Incorrect. (Image: Provided / Arnott’s).

“Depending on region the nation is divided on whether you call it a Parmi or Parma,” continued Shannon. “We chose to include both versions on either side of the new Aussie Legends boxes”.

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Whatever you call it, the new flavour combines mild parmesan cheese, tomato and garlic sauce, Italian herbs and crispy chicken. It’s out early this month for RRP$3.20 each, so check your local store.

(Lead Image: Provided / Arnott’s)

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