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The 6 Best Places In Tasmania To Explore With A Kayak

The 6 Best Places In Tasmania To Explore With A Kayak

Kayaking is like the hiking of the water ways, prove me wrong. The second the weather shows hints of warming up, my mind turns to the ocean and the outdoors in general.

We’re lucky in Australia to have so many beautiful bodies of water to go exploring, even if we can’t leave the country, and Tasmania is right up there with the best. Whether you’re living there now, or you’re counting down the days until you can pop over for a visit, you’ll want to check out these 6 best places to go kayaking while you’re there.

#1 Southwest National Park


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Inside Tasmania‘s largest National Park are the calm waters of several beautiful lakes. Lake Pedder may have received a little human adjustment, by way of electricity-generating dams, but it’s large enough that you’ll never see them and my gosh it’s still gorgeous.

Then there’s the popular Bathurst Harbour — a river valley that provides a home to all sorts of weird and wonderful marine species.

#2 Freycinet National Park


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Freycinet National Park is stunning, and absolutely worth a visit, in whichever way you like to do your exploring. However, for a different view of the Pink Granite mountains, white sandy beaches and abundance of wildlife (including dolphins) you should get out on the water. Moulting Lagoon is a popular spot to start.

If you’re new to it, a guided sea kayaking experience — like that from Freycinet Adventures — is the best way to get out and explore.

#3 Derwent River


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The Derwent River is not small. All 200 kilometres of it starts less than a kilometre from Hobart in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park, and empties out into Storm Bay. Don’t let the size scare you off though, there’s no need to see it all at once. Just pick a spot, sit back in your kayak and relax while you paddle these pristine waters and enjoy the bird life and views.

#4 Tasman Penisula


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A kayak adventure doesn’t get more epic than paddling around the southern hemisphere’s highest sea cliffs and right next to fur seals in their natural habitat. Roaring 40s kayak tours will help you explore the area safely and respectfully, jumping in the calm waters of Fortescue Bay and paddling out to the rugged cliffs.

#5 The Breaksea Islands

Off the coast of Southwest National Park are the Breaksea Islands. They’re aptly named, being a small string of rocky islands holding back the wild seas of the Southern Ocean. If you really want to have an adventure, this is it.

Most people start in Bathurst Harbour and paddle out, but there are plenty of kayak tours that can show you the way and help get you started.

#6 North Esk River


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For more experienced kayakers who are looking for some rapids and a little wild on the side of their paddle, North Esk River outside of Launceston delivers. There are three main runs along the river that locals love, ranging from six to 17 kilometres in length. You can get more insider details here.

Don’t worry, as you can see from the picture it can also be super calm, just depends on recent flooding and which path you take.

(Lead Image: Provided / Tourism Tasmania / Gabi Mocatta)

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