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This New Perth Rage Room Wants To Help You Get Over Your Ex (And The Shit They Left Behind)

This New Perth Rage Room Wants To Help You Get Over Your Ex (And The Shit They Left Behind)

Smash rooms aren’t new, but they are bloody awesome. We’re used to places like Smash Splash in Melbourne that’ll let your chuck plates at walls and paint bombs at friends — but a new place in Perth is taking the smash room to a whole new level.

Anyone who’s gone through a major breakup knows that sometimes, particularly when the ex has been a bit of a dick, the most therapeutic thing to do is smash something. If it just happens to be something that your douchebag ex used to own, all the better. Look to be clear, I don’t mean this in a ‘go crazy with a bat, Beyoncé Hold Up-style’, because that gets a bit problematic. But that piece of furniture or cologne bottle they left behind? Bloody have at it, mates.

This is exactly the energy Pert-based Canning Vale Storage Units is tapping into with their new Smash Storage Rage Rooms.

It’s not much a secret that lockdown was tough on a lot of relationships. In fact, research by Relationships Australia found that 42 percent of Australians felt lockdown had negatively impacted their relationship, with the number of couples considering separation up 300 percent.

Further to that, a seperate study by Canning Vale Storage Units of their own customers found that 32 percent were (or at least had been) stuck storing their former partner’s belongings, or gifts from their ex they no longer wanted.

That’s a lot of sadness and rage, you guys. Which leads me back to the ‘smash it the eff up’ portion of this story.

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For a mere $75 per hour, you can hire a Smash Storage Rage Room. That cost includes them setting up the room for you with all the things still reminding you of your ex — including furniture, lamps, clothes, jewellery, ornaments and photos. They’ll also provide things to smash your stuff with, like crowbars, sledge hammers and baseball bats.

I’m sorry but this sounds like a straight up good time. You can book here.

(Lead Image: Canning Vale Storage Units)

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