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This Guy Built A Cell Phone Museum In His Lounge Room

This Guy Built A Cell Phone Museum In His Lounge Room

Remember taking five minutes to successfully draft a text message and endlessly attempting to beat your high score on snake on your first ever phone? Those were the glory days.

Looking back, the technology certainly didn’t stand a chance against what’s available today, but chances are your old Nokia 3310 or a Motorola Razr are still floating around at the bottom of a drawer at home. Štefan Polgári’s were, but he’s turned his trash into an impressive museum setup.

In a bid to educate future generations about just how labour-intensive text messaging used to be, the 26-year-old has been collecting ancient artefacts, dedicating a museum to old cell phones at his home in Dobšiná, in Eastern Slovakia. Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and Sony-Ericsson models all feature at what he’s dubbed Múzeum Mobilov (Museum of Mobile).

If you reckon you have a phone that Štefan might want to get his hands on, check out his Facebook page – he’s posted a list of phones he’s looking for, and will even pay for postage.

Although the museum is private, you can check it out by booking ahead on the official website.

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(All Images: Múzeum Mobilov Dobšiná / Facebook) 

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