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Plan On Moving Overseas? These Are The Best Countries For Expat Living

Plan On Moving Overseas? These Are The Best Countries For Expat Living

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Most travellers daydream about packing up their lives and moving overseas, at least for a little while. We all have our dream countries, but now science has determined the best destination for people wanting to hop on a plane and start a new life.

The InterNations Expat Insider is an annual report that figures out the best countries for people who live overseas from their homeland. It measures things like quality of life, how easy it is for newcomers to settle in, job security and dating satisfaction. The latest report just landed and the results might surprise you, or inspire your next holiday.


Defending its title, Bahrain took out the top spot for the second year in a row. People who live overseas in the Gulf state piled on praise after praise. According to them, it’s easy to make new friends and there’s no problem getting around even if you don’t know the local language.

It even scored the top spot on the list of best countries among women when they were asked individually, which should say a lot about its safety and job security.


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Taiwan came in second, mostly because of top-notch healthcare and transportation. Ecuador was close behind with everyone apparently happy about how much money they earn (I mean, same, yeah, me too).

Other countries in the top ten places for moving overseas include Mexico, Singapore, Costa Rica and Spain. Australia just missed out, coming in at a respectable number 12 right behind New Zealand (we get it, that place is pretty amazing and should be on everyone’s list).

We don’t want to name and shame, but Argentina came in last in the list of best countries, so hope you weren’t planning on moving there. Or do! Take or leave these rankings as you like; moving overseas is your dream, not ours.


Perhaps the most important find is how good we’ve got it on dating apps overseas at the moment. Bahrain picked up another top score for relationship satisfaction among those who live overseas. Just remember to stay safe and read up on our travel advice for when you’re dating overseas.

(Lead image: Wajahat Mahmood)

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