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This Extremely Useful Site Tells You Where You Should Live Overseas

This Extremely Useful Site Tells You Where You Should Live Overseas

You’ve decided you want to live abroad. Great! But where to? You’ve probably thought real hard about Berlin, and maybe considered London, Vancouver or Singapore, too. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way to find a city that perfectly suited your needs?


Well, you’re in luck. A computer algorithm called Teleport will match you with your perfect city.

Teleport helps you explore the best city for you, based on your personal preferences. It starts with the basics – your budget, job, income, and where you currently live – and then dives deep into what’s really important to you. Things like housing, living costs, traffic, climate, language, safety, education, leisure and culture.

You can decide whether having access to the great outdoors is important to you, or whether you’ll be able to find a job based on the current job market. Teleport even lets you filter cities in or out based on their travel connectivity, population size, pollution, internet access and their overall tolerance. Basically, it’s Perfect Match – but for you and a city.


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Once you’ve settled on your perfect place, Teleport will even help you get started on making the move. The site can search for prospective jobs and there’s even a check list of things to organise before you make the jump (anything from organising visas to choosing a neighbourhood).

You can check out Teleport here to find the right city for you. What’re you waiting for?

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