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Meet The Couple Who Quit Their Jobs To Start A Surf Hotel On Wheels

Meet The Couple Who Quit Their Jobs To Start A Surf Hotel On Wheels

Truck Surf Hotel couple

How many of you have dreamed about living in a campervan, to make all your nomad lifestyle fantasies come true? Portuguese couple Eduardo Ribeiro and Daniela Carneiro had a similar dream of sharing their passion for surfing and sustainable travel with other people. After years of travelling together in a caravan around Europe and Africa they decided to chase their dream and establish the Truck Surf Hotel.


They converted a heavy-duty Mercedes Benz Actros truck into a double-storey mobile hotel that takes surf camps to a completely new level. Talk about couple goals.

The Truck Surf Hotel On Wheels

The mobile Truck Surf Hotel picks the gnarliest surf breaks for beach enthusiasts.

The Hotel has been operating since July 2017, and contains five guest rooms. There’s capacity for 10 guests who typically spend at least a week on the truck, which changes location every few days to seek out the best surf spots depending on current conditions. This lets guests discover new surf spots away from crowded tourist beaches, and choose exactly the right time to go into the water.


Designed with energy conservation in mind – Daniela is a former environmental engineer – the mobile hotel has large windows to let in plenty of natural light and views, without compromising on comfort. Couple this with the hospitality of Portuguese hosts and you get a unique, personable experience for all guests who come on board

A Chat With The Owners

Truck Surf Hotel

AWOL: Is the Truck Surf Hotel now your permanent home?

Eduardo: Yes it is. We travel 10 months a year with guests living in the Truck Surf Hotel, and stop for only two months of the year. When then stay with our family, or travel to other countries.

AWOL: Portugal is famously known for those crazy big waves. Do you have many guests that are absolute beginner surfers?

Eduardo: Portugal has big waves, but it also has surf spots for beginners. It’s actually easier to find places for surfers that are learning how to surf than for the big riders. Along Costa Vicentina, where we go in summer, there are many beaches with nice soft waves to learn surfing. The surroundings are beautiful too, with high cliffs, white sand and clear blue water.


AWOL: What advice would you give to people who want to turn their passion into a business, and ultimately into a way of life?

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Eduardo: We advise to follow your passion, and enjoy life as much as you can. If you can do these two steps, good things will come to you and you’ll probably be successful in your business. If you have a person in your life who you love, who supports you and wants to live the dream together with you… it makes everything so much easier and joyful.


Eduardo and Daniela’s passion for not only surfing, but also living a unique lifestyle, is truly an inspiration for anyone who dreams of turning travel into a full-time job or a lifestyle.

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