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Get Ready: You Can Now Go Glamping Beside Mount Rushmore

Get Ready: You Can Now Go Glamping Beside Mount Rushmore

Are you one of those folks who has spent your whole life dreaming of snuggling up and falling asleep alongside four of America’s greatest presidents?

Thought you might be. Well, do we have the holiday destination for you.


Glamping outfits Under Canvas has just launched a brand new camp-out location right by South Dakota’s famous Mount Rushmore, one of the country’s most recognisable tourist attractions.

Under Canvas are offering you the opportunity to sleep out under the stars by Mount Rushmore
Image: Under Canvas

Yep, that’s right: those wanting to get up close and personal with giant stone statues depicting George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, can now ditch the hotel experience and spend a few nights out under the stars.

Not that the Under Canvas experience is camping as you might know it. Even as far as glamping trips go, Under Canvas offers a distinctly luxe getaway.


The Under Canvas tents are massive, with the deluxe version boasting a private bathroom, a king-size bed, and a private deck for late-night Mount Rushmore-gazing.

Even the Safari Tent, Under Canvas’ cheapest accommodation option, boasts a massive, spacious sleeping quarters, complete with an attached shared bathroom. (No need to dig a dirt hole to poop in!)

The tents provided by Under Canvas at Mount Rushmore are seriously luxe
Image: Under Canvas

Better yet, the Mount Rushmore location has been set up like a mini tent city.

That means you don’t have to stray far for lunch: you can just wander up into the main tent, a restaurant that boasts everything from snacks to picnic lunches to full-blown steak dinners.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an American camping trip without a bonfire and some s’mores, so hungry campers can cook their own melted, chocolate-y delights on the communal fire.

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Under Canvas offer the opportunity to sleep out by Mount Rushmore in style
Image: Under Canvas

Oh, and don’t worry about the dreaded shower-in-a-bucket you usually get on a camping trip. Under Canvas offers proper bathroom facilities, so you can end the day under a nice hot blast of fresh water.

The campsite is a wi-fi free zone, but who would possibly complain about that?


After all, what’s better than getting away from your dreaded inbox, particularly when you can do so while relaxing by a fire with a s’more in hand, lounging away underneath one of the most iconic landmarks that America has to offer?

Count us in.

How to get to Mount Rushmore

  • Fly Qantas to Los Angeles or San Francisco
  • Take a connecting American Airlines flight to Rapid City
  • Drive Highway 16 southwest to Keystone and then Highway 244 to Mount Rushmore (41 mins)
  • Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
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