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You Can Now Eat Tacos In A Volcanic Cave To The Sound Of A Mariachi Band

You Can Now Eat Tacos In A Volcanic Cave To The Sound Of A Mariachi Band

La Gruta is the most stylish place to eat tacos in the world

What’s better than eating tacos? Well, how about eating tacos in a subterranean volcanic cave, soothed by the sound of a small army of mariachi performers?

Yep, in news that sounds like something you’d dream up while lying on the couch while dosed up on cough syrup, an underground restaurant in Mexico named La Gruta is now offering a fairly unique dining experience.


La Gruta is located a stone’s throw from Teotihuacan, an ancient city adorned with Aztec temples. It’s located deep underground, in a system of tunnels formed by volcanic activity – but don’t let that lead you into thinking it’s some damp, dingy dining experience.

No, La Gruta is a surprisingly lively venue, adorned with multicoloured lights and bustling with patrons and staff. It’s also bigger than one might expect, decked out in expansive, carefully decorated dining tables.

A number of times a week, it’s also a stage for a range of musical performers, ranging from Mariachi bands to members of Ballet Folklorico, an internationally renowned dance ensemble that tour the world, spreading traditional Mexican dance with them as they go.

Food-wise, La Gruta offers Mexican cuisine with a modern twist. Those who like their dining experiences to be simple can indulge in a range of tacos (regular ones, by the way, rather than croissant tacos), barbacoa (AKA barbecued meats, served on beds of salad), or other traditional dishes.

More adventurous eaters, however, may well be tempted by one of La Gruta’s signature dishes: ant larvae, garnished in sweet sauces and chilli.

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Eating ants is a unique experience – they taste a little crunchy, and rather sweet – but what better way to try something new than while buried deep under the ground, surrounded by traditional Mexican music and basking in some volcanic glow?

Oh, and if you’re after something to soothe your senses after all the excitement on offer, La Gruta also offers a range of alcoholic beverages.

Think about it – tipping back margaritas in the middle of Mexico, deep underground. Pretty perfect, right?

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