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A ‘Moulin Rouge!’ Soiree Is Coming To Sydney So Practice Your Can-Can

A ‘Moulin Rouge!’ Soiree Is Coming To Sydney So Practice Your Can-Can

Moulin Rouge! soiree

Ever wanted to go back in time and visit Paris in the 19th Century for a night of fun at the Moulin Rouge? Well it might be your turn to have a “spectacular, spectacular” evening.


Beyond Sydney, a collective that promises to “take you beyond the movie and into the action” with immersive cinema experiences, is bringing a Moulin Rouge! soiree to Sydney in November.

You better brush up on your can-can skills because costumes are expected and dancing is all but assured, probably matched with absinthe. While these activities are only connected to Moulin Rouge! the film by era, drawing inspiration from its 1890s Paris setting, you can also buy a ticket to see the film on the night.

Beyond Cinema has hosted killer events in the past with themes including The Great Gatsby, Titanic and The Shawshank Redemption. The Moulin Rouge! event is set to be even bigger and better.

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That’s about all the detail we have at the moment, but you can head to this site to put your name down to be notified of tickets going on sale. The venue is TBC, but you can for sure start thinking about your costume (remember, diamonds are girl’s best friend).

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(Lead image: Moulin Rouge!)

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