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This New Range Of Mini Goon Sacks Are Filled With Aussie Wines You’ll Actually Want To Drink

This New Range Of Mini Goon Sacks Are Filled With Aussie Wines You’ll Actually Want To Drink

a glass of mini goon sacks australian wine service

You can now enjoy wine by the glass from Australia’s boutique wineries, chosen by our best sommeliers and delivered to your house as mini goon sacks. It’s a genius concept by A Glass Of that hits the mark between taste, sustainability and teen nostalgia.

The concept is simple: “Wines from Australia’s best independent winemakers. Curated by sommeliers from restaurants you love. Delivered by the glass.” It’s like taking your tongue on an expert-led tour of Australia’s best independent wineries.

A Glass Of invites sommeliers from Australia’s leading restaurants to choose five of their favourite wines, which they do by the glass (well, it’s about 50ml more than a glass but who’s complaining) so that you can try new drops without the price tag or commitment of a whole bottle.

The innovative project gets you the five wines for $45, delivered free in cute-as-heck, single-serve foil pouches, or as we prefer, mini goon sacks.

The irony that goon sacks could now be the vehicle driving your developing knowledge and appreciation of Aussie wine isn’t lost on us, and could not be more perfect, tbh.

The sommelier recommendations not only remove any anxiety you might have about choosing the right vino, they also hero independent winemakers from all over Australia in an effort to have us expanding our palates and supporting the top notch producers this country has to offer at a time they need it most.

“Covid, bushfires, tariffs and a bunch of other stuff has made our support for independent winemakers more important now than we could have ever imagined,” says A Glass Of.

“We want you to try a glass of their wine, but also get to know a bit about them. If you really enjoyed their wine, shoot them a msg and tell them. If you find a wine you really love, buy a bottle directly from the winemaker so more money ends up in their pocket.”

a glass off mini goon sacks australian wine service

The current rotation of wine is from Gabrielle Webster, Bondi Icebergs Dining Room’s Head Sommelier and two-time winner of the Australian Wine List of the Year. You’ll be supping on picks including a Nick Spencer Chardonnay from Tumbarumba (NSW), a Chenin Blanc from Margaret River’s (WA) Blind Corner, a Gilbert Rosé from Mudgee (NSW), a Studebaker Pinot Noir from Gippsland (VIC) and an A. Retief Hilltops Shiraz (NSW).

Who knew we’d be this pumped to pull out a goon sack again? But the pouch element of the equation isn’t solely about giving us all a big hit of nostalgia – they’re better for preserving the quality of wine and they’re more sustainable than glass or plastic bottles.

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The sustainability focus of A Glass Of is well thought through. The foil pouches are ‘precycled’ meaning their conscious reduction in production creates less waste in the first place.

They require less energy to make than glass, cans or plastic bottles (73 percent less than glass). They require fewer materials, like 94 percent less water and the pouches are super lightweight so more can be transported for less, saving fuel and reducing emissions. In fact, they create 82 percent fewer emissions than glass. The cherry on top is you can recycle them at any Redcycle™ drop off location.

We’re not really seeing any negatives here – amazing Aussie wines picked for us by people with exceptional taste, priced affordably and delivered as mini goon sacks? It’s a big yes.

The five 200ml wines are $45 with free delivery nationwide, but if you’re in Sydney you can also check them out at Paramount Houser Hotel. For more info, check out their website here.

(All images: A Glass Of)

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