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Michelangelo’s Dreamy Tuscan Villa Has Just Hit The Market

Michelangelo’s Dreamy Tuscan Villa Has Just Hit The Market

Michelangelo Villa

If you’ve dreamed of swapping your current sitch for a life under the Tuscan sun, boy, have we got a story for you. The former home of Michelangelo – yes, that Michelangelo – is up for sale.

The gorgeous 10-bedroom, seven bathroom “farmhouse” (lol) is located in Chianti, half way between Florence and Siena in Italy’s north. According to the listing, it’s been restored to “accurately tell the rich historical account of this property”, meaning that Michelangelo-esque inspiration could strike at any time.

Michelangelo bought the property in 1549, and was owned by his family (the Buonarrotis) for three centuries thereafter. How do we know that? Because the current owner “holds copies of the original documents and deed to the home”, that’s how.

If a rustic Italian setting, classic exterior, and a cosy interior are your jam, our jams are very similar. The property has been listed for a mind-blowing $11,778,000 (€7,500,000), so you best start saving.


(All images: Handsome Properties International)

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