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This Whimsical Japanese Resort Is Perched On An Active Volcano

This Whimsical Japanese Resort Is Perched On An Active Volcano

Whether it’s their food, architecture or art, the Japanese are known for their beautiful eccentricity. And Aso Farm Land – a sprawling health resort nestled 500m up the side of an active volcano — is no exception.

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While the whimsical accommodation may look cute, it’s actually disaster-proof – built with thick polystyrene to withstand the earthquakes the area is prone to. Back in April 2016, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the area, but the domes stayed in-tact, reopening to the public last August.

Since then, tourists have jumped on the opportunity to stay in one of the 480 abodes at the Aso Kuju National Park resort, lapping up luxuries like an on-site pool, open-air hot springs, shops, restaurants and flamingo enclosure (for good measure).

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The spacious huts are kitted-out with free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and creature comforts like slippers and toiletries.

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Aso Farm Land is located just 9km from Naja-dake in Minami– 15 km from Kumamoto Airport. Buses run every 90 minutes from the airport, stopping at the Aso bus stop near the Arden Hotel. From there, it’s a short five-minute cab ride to the resort (or 2.5km walk, if you’re keen to kick off your health overhaul early).

If you’re driving from the Kumamoto Interchange, follow the “To Aso” on Route 57 after getting off the Kyushu Expressway. Take a right at the Shimono Intersection onto prefectural road 298 and keep following this road to the resort. It should take you about 40 minutes.

Rates start at $120 (¥10500) per night.

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