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Miami Just Might Be The Most Instagrammable Destination On The Map

Miami Just Might Be The Most Instagrammable Destination On The Map

When someone say “Miami”, what comes to mind? The beach? Thong bikinis? Clubs? Will Smith in the ’90s?

If you answered with any of the above (or all of them), you’re not wrong. This city in Florida is the perfect spot for young and beautiful people looking to party in an exclusive beach bar. But don’t assume that’s all this Latin-influenced destination offers. In fact, the nightlife was the least memorable part for me (oops).

That’s not to say the bar scene was bad. Not at all. I just discovered that other parts of the city were far more impressive.


You see, Miami is quite a looker. She’s stunning, actually. I spent just two days here while travelling on a Topdeck tour, and can honestly say my favourite part was roaming around, camera in hand, attempting to capture her beauty.

Between the natural scenes, the art, the culture and the architecture, there was a lot (I mean a LOT) to take in.

So, if you’re an Insta-obsessive or photography fan who’s planning a trip to this beach location, listen up because these are the photo ops you should be looking out for:

The beach, duh

Let’s start with the most obvious, shall we?

Now, I know that when you’re an Aussie travelling abroad, it’s easy to look at other beaches and think: “eh”. But Miami’s South Beach, with its palm trees and azure waters is a pretty damn lovely sight – even if it is manmade.

Parts of the beach have been decked out with stylish hotel umbrellas and lounge chairs, and the sand has been peppered with brightly-coloured lifeguard stations, too. Perfect Instagram fodder, if you ask me.

Where: Ocean Dr, Miami Beach

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood is a district in Miami that has garnered a bit of a reputation for its edgy art scene and hipster bars. What it’s best known for, however, is its free outdoor gallery Wynwood Walls.

The collection showcases graffiti and street art by internationally-renowned artists, and it is a photography lover’s dream.

Walking through the front gates, you’ll immediately be struck by the bold, attention-grabbing murals that frame the space. There’s no real running theme, here. Just an urban museum made up of pieces that each serve a completely different purpose.


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Like a lot of other outdoor galleries, many of the artworks are updated annually so if you’ve got something you really want to see, make tracks.

My favourite mural (which may or may not still be there when you visit) was this colourful piece by Eduardo Kobra. Incredible, right?

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Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Where: 2520 NW 2nd Ave, Miami

Latin flair in Little Havana

Want to capture some of that Cuban influence for the ‘gram? Head over to Little Havana.

Here you’ll find fresh food markets selling local produce, live music venues where you can test out your salsa skills, and Cuban cafes serving espressos that are just begging to be photographed.

Take some time and wander through the area – your Insta profile will thank you for it.

Art Deco architecture

Miami is home to the most extensive collection of Art Deco buildings in the world (credit to my Topdeck tour leader, Mike for that piece of trivia) so, if this style of architecture is your thing, prepare to be blown away.

You’ll find most of the architectural gems dotted throughout South Beach, but the style is laced throughout much of the city.


Sites like Señor Frog’s, with its pastel-blue walls, and The Carlyle Hotel, with its pink and blue neon sign, are popular photo ops for visitors because, well… they’re classic examples of the style. Take a stroll around the city, however, and you’ll soon see there’s no shortage of striking Art Deco buildings to snap.


  • Señor Frog’s: 1450 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
  • The Carlyle Hotel: 1250 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach

If you have Miami on your mind, also check out our 48-hour guide to the city.

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