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Melbourne, There’s A Chocolate Festival On This Sunday

Melbourne, There’s A Chocolate Festival On This Sunday

Melbourne’s Immigration Museum are bringing the best bits of the world directly to your mouth with their North South Feast West food program, and they’re kicking it off this Sunday January 18 with a super sweet chocolate festival.

The event includes a variety of international and local goodies on offer from Mörk Chocolate, Pana Chocolate, Tonantzin Aztec Artisan Chocolate, Bretzel Biz, 2Pocket Fair Trade, Pecari Ecuadorian organic chocolate, Conscious Chocolate, La Tortilleria, Los Amates waffles from the Belgian Club Victoria and Choc Hops by Mildura Brewery. There’s an option to buy a spot at the Belgian beer workshops taking place at the event at 1.30pm and 3pm and there’s also a chocolate beer garden, talks, tours and plenty of tastings.

(Photo: Pison Jaujip/Flickr)

It runs from 11am to 4pm at the Immigration Museum on Flinders Street.

Along with this event, there will be a number of other festivals and workshops letting you feast on culture (and also tacos, barbecue, etc) over the coming few months. There is a Courtyard Cantina on every Friday evening from 5pm to 9pm with pop up bars and street food from Señor BBQ, Bretzel Biz, La Tortilleria, Boss Man Food, El Alamo, Koba and Trailer Made Food. There’s a chilli festival for lovers of all things spicy on April 19, a coffee festival on June 14 and whisky, sake and tequila tasting workshops as part of the festivals or stand alone events, with more workshops to be announced soon.

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For all of the info and ticketing, click here.

(Lead image: Jonathan Reyes/Flickr)

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