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Grab Your Best Nine Friends For A Private Dining Experience At This Melbourne Aquarium

Grab Your Best Nine Friends For A Private Dining Experience At This Melbourne Aquarium

No longer do you have to content yourself with watching animal live-streams on your computer. In fact, now you can go see food and dine with the fishes at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium.

(I’m so sorry, I know that was awful, but I’m not going to change it.)

Terrible puns aside, of all the cool things happening as venues re-open, this right here is the most epic. This Melbourne aquarium is back open to the public, bringing back a unique dining experience with it: you and nine friends can have dinner right by the tanks.


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First, choose your location. There are seven spots around the aquarium you can choose to dine in, including the shark tunnel and the seahorse pier. Imagine just sitting there, enjoying your meal, while all the big sharks are swimming about? That’s a whole mood.

Then you just sit back and enjoy the views as you’re all served a three-course dinner, starters and desserts, with two hours of drinks (yes it includes wine and beer) and a cocktail on arrival.

If you’ve ever been to a museum or art gallery event after dark, you absolutely know thinks get even better after a few bevvies.

Also I checked, and no the menu doesn’t include seafood. Yes this was the first question I had too.

When you’re done, you can all wander through the aquarium at your leisure for a 45-minute after-hours self-guided tour. Did I not say this was epic?

Of course, nothing this good comes cheap and you will have to pay $2000 for the privilege, and yes that does appear to be the discounted price so definitely get in quick to take advantage of it. But also, that ends up being $200 each, and how often do you get the aquarium to yourself, let alone get to eat real food there?

Obviously, you’re gathering the troops right now, so you can go book over here. Sounds like a grand idea for the long weekend, just saying.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @sealifemelbourneaquarium)

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