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Don’t Mind If I Do: Macca’s Just Dropped A Doughnut Ball McFlurry

Don’t Mind If I Do: Macca’s Just Dropped A Doughnut Ball McFlurry

Whatever way you slice it, today is a bit of a tense one and we’re all probably very distracted from our work checking in to see if America has lost their damn minds.

Lucky there’s McDonald’s to distract you from your distraction.

Earlier this year, Macca’s released their donut ball desserts (yas), and a whole range of weird and wonderful McFlurry flavours (yas yas). Now they’ve announced they’ll be combining the two for a limited edition Donut Ball McFlurry (YAAAASSSSS).


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Just as you’d imagine, the new flavour combines soft-serve ice cream, hot cinnamon donut balls, hot fudge sauce and crushed cookies.

I know this hot and cold combo might sound a little odd, and surely the donut balls will be made soggy by the ice cream? However if you ever got your hot little hands on the Apple Pie McFlurry, you’d know this is actually (probably) a super delicious idea.

As with anything good, however, there are a couple of provisos.

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The first is that this ice cream and donut delicacy will only be available from November 4 and November 17 — so when they say limited edition they truly mean it.

The other is that you can only nab yourself one of these sugary treats by ordering over UberEats, which isn’t such terrible news to all of us who exclusively get our food via delivery apps during 2020 anyway. A little annoying for your late night Macca’s run, however.

Let’s not forget that McDonald’s is also doing a whole month of food deals during November, so check here for whatever else you can get your hands on today. Last Sunday it was 50c Cheeseburgers

May it provide a small comfort to all of us in a bloody tense and horrible year.

(Lead Image: McDonald’s Australia)

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