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You Could Win A $3000 Travel Voucher If You Can Finish This 2.8kg Bowl Of Pho

You Could Win A $3000 Travel Voucher If You Can Finish This 2.8kg Bowl Of Pho

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So you love pho, huh? Think you could eat 2.8kg of it? Cabra-Vale Diggers in Sydney is giving away a $3000 travel voucher to the winner of its Man Vs Pho Challenge where, yep, you guessed it, hungry diners will come face to face with a monstrous serving of the noodle soup.

The $35 behemoth comes with 750g of pho noodles, 600g of beef, 1050g of pho stock, 360g of bean sprouts and 45g of Thai basil. The ten contestants who eat the dish the fastest will be invited back to the competition’s grand final where they’ll have a shot at winning the grand prize.


Contestants at the grand final will race against each other, and the person with the fastest time will win the $3k travel voucher.


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If you’re thinking of entering, we feel it’s our duty to remind you that last year’s winner finished the dish in five minutes and 35 seconds. Now you know.

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But even if you don’t demolish this delicious monster fast enough to get your name in the top ten, anyone who finishes within a set time will win a $50 voucher for Cabra-Vale Digger’s District 8 dining complex.

The competition started July 2 and runs until August 28, with the grand final taking place on September 5 from 7pm. And yes, you can enter as many times as you like.

If you’re a mere mortal who can’t stomach almost 3kg of pho, we suggest sharing a bowl with some mates. But can we just take a second to appreciate the fact that you could eat your way to a holiday? That’s really just as good as life can get.

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(Lead image: Cabra-Vale Diggers)

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