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You Could Win $10K Just By Planning An Epic Round-The-World Trip

You Could Win $10K Just By Planning An Epic Round-The-World Trip

Round The World: Win $10K By Planning Cheap Flights Around The World

We all want to see the world, but we’ve all got no money to spend on a round-the-world trip.

But now there’s a competition where you can win $10,000 for the ultimate global adventure. And, weirdly, the way to win is by proving how cheap you could do the same holiday.

The Great Escape Challenge is being run by Escape, a search engine for cheap flights. The search engine compiles deals from travel aggregators like Skyscanner to show you the cheapest and quickest flights available for your trip.


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Escape is challenging people to use its interactive map to find the cheapest round-the-world trip. The person who maps out the cheapest globe-hopping adventure will win $10,000 to make the trip a reality.

To enter, just pick your origin airport and add at least one city per continent (besides Antarctica) to your trip. Then plot a course back to your starting point and submit the total airfare.

I cannot overstate how fun it is to click around an interactive map and daydream about soon flying all over the world. It’s a five minute break from work that could win you $10,000, but it’s also just really cute and fun.

Once you’ve submitted your entry, you’ll see a leaderboard that tracks the 25 best entries. You can enter as many times as you like, so you can try again (and again and again) if you don’t see your name in the list.

Don’t worry too much if you’re not in first place, though. 25 runner ups will each win a free flight worth up to US$500 (AUD$763).

The Great Escape Challenge is open until March 15 to anyone in the world. Check out the search engine to begin planning your strategy, and enter here when you’re ready.

(Lead image: Eduardo Velazco Guart / Unsplash)

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