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This Line Of Luxury Luggage Transforms Into A Bed, Kitchen And Office

This Line Of Luxury Luggage Transforms Into A Bed, Kitchen And Office

These days it seems as though the luggage you carry is just as important as the destination you’re jetting off to. So why settle for practicality when you could kit yourself out with what’s essentially a transformer on wheels?

This new line of luggage isn’t messing around, with the capability to transform into a bed, a kitchen and heck, even an office – because you never know when work will arise.


The bags are the creation of Milan-based designer Marc Sadler, for Fibbrica Pelletterie Milano. With these bad boys, home is where you make it, packed tightly in an aluminium-cased piece of luggage.

The “workstation” opens to reveal an office chair, a work surface and storage draws, as well as charging ports for your devices. It retails for $6,500 (€4,900).


The “bedstation” comes with a wooden mattress frame, which folds out to become a bed with a soft pillow topper. It retails for $10,000 (€6900)

And last – but certainly not least – the “cookstation” folds out into a fully functioning kitchen complete with a hot plate, fridge, lined draws and storage space. Now this is the latest release, and while it’s not quite available just yet, it’s expected to cost around $10,000 (€6500) when it hits the market.

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Now you’re probably thinking that it’s a pretty hefty price tag for a bag, right? But just think how much money you’ll save on accommodation if you buy all three! You’d be pretty much set.

Keen? For more of designer Marc Sadler’s work, visit his website. Or, purchase your own suitcase via the Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano website.

Once you’re all kitted out with the flyest lugagge, all that’s left to do is check out Qantas flights and begin your next adventure.

(All images: Marc Sadler

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