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Pickle Ice Cream Exists And We’re Not Sure How To Feel About It

Pickle Ice Cream Exists And We’re Not Sure How To Feel About It

pickle ice cream

We as a people have a habit of taking perfectly fine and good foods, and alerting them, sometimes for the greater good of humanity, sometimes just to watch the world burn.

On this week’s instalment of Humans Ruining Delicious Foods we’re heading to the streets of NYC, where pickle ice cream is a thing and our tastebuds are confused.


The odd-flavoured dessert is being dished out at Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. famed for its delicious selection of dumplings, fine Asian cuisine and now, pickle soft serve.

Now look, we’re not going to knock it ’til we try it, and some taste testers from Grub Street had a crack for themselves – some pickle-lovers, some pickle haters.

“It tastes more cucumber-y than pickle-y,” said one tester. One pickle lover, whose dog is even named Pickles, noted that they could have even cranked up the brininess a bit more. “They played it too safe,” she said.

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Glenroy Brown, head chef at Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. says the soft serve is in fact made of fresh-pressed cucumber juice, with just a smidgen of pickle brine. “Because of the menu that we have, there’s a lot of spice,” Brown told Grub Street. “The soft serve is a palate cleanser that goes with the menu. We don’t want it to be overly pickle-y.”

Are we sold on pickle ice cream? Look, the jury’s still out, but we reckon you should try some for yourself. You can pick up your serve for $7 ($5USD) from Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.

How To Get There

  • Fly into John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York
  • Take the Jamaica to Pennsylvania station
  • Take the 2 towards Wakefield to 96 Street
  • Walk 950m
  • Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. — 513 Amsterdam Ave, New York,

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(Lead image: Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. / Instagram) 

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