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It’s Official: We’ve Found Australia’s Cosiest Cave

It’s Official: We’ve Found Australia’s Cosiest Cave


We’re already told you about “Hatters Hideout and Lodge” that you can rent in the NSW Blue Mountains – complete with giant cave. Now here’s round two.

This 600-acre plot of bushland in the Blue Mountains where Lionel Bucket lives and works has been in his family for more than 50 years. A master carpenter by trade, Bucket has spent the last several years constructing a number of eco-friendly vacation cabins on the property, which he rents out to the holidaymakers who come to the beautiful mountain range in droves.


As charming as the cabins are, the pièce de résistance has got to be what he calls his “Enchanted Cave” house – a cosy, cave-like dwelling built on top of a natural sandstone outcropping with luxe amenities and the most stunning views imaginable.

Cave View External

Bucket built the Enchanted Cave to seamlessly blend into the mountain top, paving it inside and out with concrete and rough-hewn flagstones.

Cave Bed 2

The circular wooden door, arched doorways and bed covered with kangaroo skins look like something straight out of The Flintstones, and double-glazed glass doors look out onto a spacious patio with incredible views of rolling mountains covered with lush, green Eucalypt.


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The Enchanted Cave has been so popular that ‘Romance Packages’ are now on offer and come complete with chocolates, champagne, roses and more. Count us in!


How To Get There

    • Fly into Sydney International Airport
    • Drive 63km (1 hour and 24 minutes)
    • 88 Bulgamatta Rd, Bilpin NSW 2758

(All photos: Jochen Spencer)

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