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Twilight And The Hunger Games Are Getting Their Own Theme Park

Twilight And The Hunger Games Are Getting Their Own Theme Park

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From the Cullens to the Capitol – the fantasy universes of Twilight and The Hunger Games are set to come alive, and we volunteer as tribute.

Lionsgate has announced plans to open a new, darker theme park dedicated to the fictional worlds of their most popular movie titles. So, if you’ve ever felt the urge to frolic through Forks Washington or take a train ride through the Capitol, you soon can – construction on the 120,000-square-metre park is set to begin next year.

Visitors to the South Korean site will be immersed in their favourite films through state-of-the-art rides, attractions and reproduced streets and towns. An array of movie-inspired restaurants and cafes set to open, though you might want to give the cuisine of District 12 a miss.

Other movies to be featured at the park include the Now You See Me series and the 2018 remake of the classic Robin Hood.

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While the date of the park’s grand opening is yet to be released, we can expect the gates to open some time in 2019. If you’re lucky enough to find your way there: Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour.

All Images: Lionsgate

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