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How’d You Like To Stay In An Honest-To-Gosh Floating Villa?

How’d You Like To Stay In An Honest-To-Gosh Floating Villa?

Who wouldn't want to chill at a floating villa?

There are few more enticing phrases in the English language than “floating villa”. Say it out loud to yourself, under your breath, right now. Don’t you feel instantly about a thousand per cent calmer?

There’s a reason for that, too: in the annals of human history, floating villas rank right up there on the list of our achievements as a species. Brain surgery? Pretty good. Peanut butter? Even better. Floating villas? The goshdarn best.


So, rejoice, Sydneysiders, because you’re getting your very own floating villa.

Lilypad is a resort-style villa located just outside of Sydney‘s Palm Beach (how’s that for a location?). Membership is extremely exclusive – there are only ten spots for membership made available each year.

Lilypad is Sydney's new floating villa

But hey, the experience is well worth it. Not only is Lilypad a beautiful piece of architecture, boasting a classic wooden finish design, the villa is decked out in a range of “luxury inclusions”.

Membership entitles you to a private host, a top-of-the-line vehicle transport, a range of premium drinks available on arrival, and unlimited access to the villa’s decked-out wine cellar and beer range, so you can (responsibly) drink yourself merry while gazing over the water.

If getting out and about is more your style, then Lilypad membership also entitles you to the use of the villa’s paddleboards and daybeds, so you can soak up the sun.

You can also fork out a little extra for some top of the line inclusions, ranging from a seaplane transfer (travel in style, why don’t you), to a chef-prepared meal, to an onboard massage.

As you can probably guess, Lilypad membership doesn’t come cheap: it’ll cost you $3,600 a month, and you have to lock in for a 12-month contract. But that price entitles you to up to 18 Lilypad visits per year, so you can swing over 1.5 times a month and get some bang for your buck.

Head to the Lilypad website for more.

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(Lead image: Lilypad)

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