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This Smash Bros. Pop-Up Bar Lets You Drink Pokemon-Themed Cocktails And Play Nintendo games

This Smash Bros. Pop-Up Bar Lets You Drink Pokemon-Themed Cocktails And Play Nintendo games

Level Unlocked Bar: A Smash Bros., Overwatch & NBA Pop-Up Bar

Listen. Most of the time, I’d rather stay home playing video games than go out. But there’s a brand-new pop-up bar celebrating video games that just might change that for a lot of people out there.

The Levels Unlocked bar has opened it doors in Washington, DC to pay tribute to three massively popular games: Super Smash Bros. UltimateOverwatch, and NBA2k19.


The bar is split into three distinct spaces, each paying homage to a different game with amazingly OTT decor, gaming opportunities and themed cocktails.


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The Super Smash Bros. room has the game playing on screens surrounded by Sonic’s checkered loop pattern. The Overwatch room has glowing Hanzo and Genji dragon spirits. And the NBA2k19 room has seven hundred basketballs hanging from the walls and ceiling.

The cocktails also serve as loving homages to the games. Try the Overwatch-themed Tracer’s Cup, a stirred Pimm’s Cup and Sherry Cobbler mashup that matches Tracer’s signature yellow and orange outfit colours and references her British background.

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The Pikachu-Hi is the bar’s take on the Japanese cocktail Chu-Hi — this one has shoshu, sake, lemon and soda and is garnished with a torched marshmallow. Or try the GOATorade with gin, blanc vermouth, Curaçao, coconut water, Himalayan pink salt, lemon and absinthe.

You’ll also find a whole heap of other drinks and playable games inside the Levels Unlocked bar, and lots of your favourite Pokemon.

It’s open until September 29, but if you can’t get to Washington before then, there are a load of fun pop-ups coming to Australia. A life-sized game of Pac-Man is hitting Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in August, we’re getting Bumper Cars on Ice in September and November, and Melbourne is home to a magic-themed hidden mystic chamber.

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