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This Texas Cinema Wants You To Bring Along Your Doggo And Enjoy Bottomless Wine

This Texas Cinema Wants You To Bring Along Your Doggo And Enjoy Bottomless Wine

K9 Cinemas is a dog friendly cinema

Try to show us one thing in this world that’s better than dogs, movie nights and wine, and we’ll show you K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas. This Texan cinema wants you to bring along your dog to movie screenings, and pours you bottomless wine.


Humans can sip on bottomless wine, popcorn and all the other essential movie snacks while dogs munch on special treats and bathe in the knowledge that they’re very good boys and girls. K9 Cinemas was created by Eric Lankford and his Australian Eskimo, Bear, after he spotted a gap in the market. It is, in a word, genius.


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The cinema doesn’t show new releases, opting to screen a specially curated list of films and play host to regular themed nights. Because everyone knows that Game Of Thrones should be watched with your doggo close by for comfort.

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The only rule is that humans have to clean up after their dogs, and verify that they’re up to date on all their shots. Otherwise each and every doggo can come along to the screenings, and the seats are big (and plush) enough for humans and dogs of all sizes. Hopefully every country is inspired by this news and opens their own dog-friendly cinema. It’s time, people.

If you can’t get to Texas, there are plenty of other pet-friendly ventures that you and your four-legged friends can enjoy. Take your doggo on a winery tour in Victoria, visit this Colorado resort with a live-in hotel dog or visit the Museum of the Dog in New York.

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