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This Stunning Japanese Island Is 2018’s Top Trending Destination

This Stunning Japanese Island Is 2018’s Top Trending Destination


If you’re still uncertain about your 2018 travel plans, we have a proposition for you. How do stunning white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs sound? If “like a dream” is your answer, Japan’s Ishigaki Island has you covered.

Ishigaki, the largest of Japan’s Yaeyama Islands, topped TripAdvisor’s 2018 Destinations On The Rise list. It’s measured by the year-on-year increase of positive feedback by the review site’s users, and it’s easy to see why travellers are so stoked.

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Besides the fact that the scenery its totally beautiful, there’s loads to see and do, meaning it’s sure to cater to everyone’s taste. Get amongst nature on a glass-bottomed boat ride, where you can gaze at the coral reefs and tropical fish from above. Or, get up close and personal with a snorkel or sneaky scuba dive.

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The island is said to be home to some of the country’s best Japanese eats, like delicious Yaeyama soba noodles, which are made from flour instead of the traditional buckwheat.

The best part is the island paradise doesn’t come with too hefty a price tag. TripAdvisor says the average price for accomodation is just $200 (¥17,606) per night.

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How To Get There

  • Fly into Osaka Kansai Airport
  • Transfer to a Japan Airlines domestic service to Ishigaki (about 3 hours)
  • Ishigaki, Yaeyama Islands
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(Lead image: Wikipedia Commons)

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