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Australia Has A New Boutique Destination Festival

Australia Has A New Boutique Destination Festival

Set in the tranquil surrounds of Tasmania’s Pedder Wilderness Lodge, Rose Quartz Festival has announced its inaugural event, taking place on April 1 and 2, 2016. The festival promises a curated selection of the best music and visual artists from around Australia, gathered only 500 people together – all “dancing, dreaming of a submerged crystalline beach.”

Lake Pedder resides in the southwest of Tasmania, a two-hour drive west from Hobart atop the Frankland Ranges. Originally a glacial out-wash lake, in 1972 the Serpentine and Huon rivers were dammed. Lake Pedder was expanded considerably from its original size to be used to generate hydro-electric power. The original Lake Pedder was submerged along with its striking beach of pink quartz sand, which inspired the festival name.

Photo: Pedder Wilderness Lodge

The isolated and scenic Pedder Wilderness Lodge will offer both cabins and camping as they play host to an exceptional dance lineup including Melbourne’s Roland Tings, analogue house boss András, “audio druid” Michael Ozone, Otologic, Bronze Savage, Matthew Brown and many more.

For more info on the lineup and tickets, head to the festival website.

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