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Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Hotel Checkout Times?

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Hotel Checkout Times?

Ever wonder why hotel checkout is at 11am when the next guest isn’t arriving ’til 6pm? That’s seven hours of perfectly good hotel-room time that you could be enjoying – bouncing on your temporary bed, ordering terrible movies and sampling the delights of the minibar – rather than having to lug your bags around town ’til your 10pm flight home. It’s pretty archaic (and kind of annoying), but a few hotels across the globe are forgoing the traditional check in and check out times for something a little more convenient, and a swanky hotel chain in Melbourne is leading the charge Down Under.

(Photo: Art Series Hotels)

Say hello to Art Series Hotels – with properties including The Cullen, The OlsenThe Watson, The Blackman and The Larwill Studio. Located in hip enclaves across Melbourne, Bendigo and even Adelaide, this new-aged hotel chain is pioneering the late checkout across town. They’re even letting you snag a free night’s stay if you’re lucky.


So how does this all work? Art Series Hotel’s Overstay Checkout works exactly how you think it would – instead of being forced to abandon your cosy inner-city hotel room as soon as you wake up, you can simply wait until right before the next guest arrives and enjoy your life of luxury for a little while longer. All guests have to do is request an Overstay Checkout and the hotel management will let you know exactly how long you can stay – it could be until 1pm or even 3pm. And that free night of accommodation? If no one checks in to your room, you don’t have to check out at all. There’s no limit as to how many nights in a row you can stay on for if your room isn’t booked. It’s as simple as that.

(Photo: The Blackman/Art Series Hotels)

Te Art Series Hotel Group are offering their Overstay service up until January 17, 2016 and it’s first in, best dressed, with the longest Overstay Checkouts available to the first guests who request them each day. Let’s hope this catches on at all hotels soon.

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(Lead image: The Blackman/Art Series Hotels)

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