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Instagrammer Of The Week:

Instagrammer Of The Week:

Sheldon Grey is one of those digital nomads we hear about every now and then. These are (usually young) people who can work remotely on the road and therefore travel forever. In other words, they’re the folk have it all figured out. Grey is a web designer by trade and a photographer and travel enthusiast by hobby. He manages to expertly combine all of these passions and travel the world, photographing as he goes and often using his pictures to design websites for travel companies. His Instagram is full of photos of his adventures, and we’ve picked out five of our favourite shots below.


How’s the serenity at Lodge Brekka in Iceland?


Sometimes I think they should just change the name of Norway to ‘No Way’ because this looks like it shouldn’t even be real.


Italy’s Isle of Capri has its colours on lockdown.


The Northern Lights in Iceland look like someone spilled a glow stick in the sky.


London’s Harrods is iconic for a very good reason.

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