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Gamer’s Delight: Taiwan, China’s iHotel Has Gaming Stations In Every Room

Gamer’s Delight: Taiwan, China’s iHotel Has Gaming Stations In Every Room

iHotel Taiwan

Generally speaking, the point of a holiday is to spend as little time as possible in your hotel room. But at Taiwan, China’s iHotel, there’s a pretty compelling reason to stay put: all of the rooms are kitted-out with a seriously slick gaming set-up.

Located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, China, each room features dual top-end gaming systems, expansive 32” monitors, and GoForce 1080 Ti graphics. It’s all 4k-ready – that’s gamer lingo for top-notch entertainment.

iHotel Taiwan

Guests can sit back in their very own DXRacer gaming chair and choose from over 100 preloaded games. And if their favourite isn’t featured, don’t sweat it – staff at the hotel’s reception can locate most games, free of charge.

iHotel Taiwan

For those travelling in larger groups — or those who simply can’t wait to get to their rooms to get their game on, the iHotel’s lobby has 12 PCs for guests to use, kitted out with surround sound that creates an unreal ambiance.

iHotel Taiwan

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To top it all off, inside the elevator, guests are serenaded with the Imperial March theme from Star Wars because, why not?

Apart from being a gamer’s dream, the hotel is five stars, boasting immaculate amenities and services. Prices are very reasonable, starting at just $80 per night.

How To Get There

  • Fly into Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, China
  • Take the 706 service to Taoyuan Station
  • Walk 200m
  • iHotel, 56 Zhongzheng Road, Taoyuan District
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(All Images: iHotel / Facebook) 

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