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Iceland’s Famous Blue Lagoon Is Getting A Pool-Side Hotel

Iceland’s Famous Blue Lagoon Is Getting A Pool-Side Hotel

Iceland’s most iconic hot spring is getting an upgrade, proving you really can improve on perfection.

You’ve probably heard of Iceland’s geothermal Blue Lagoon – those picturesque pools you might imagine Jon Snow would relax in after a long, hard battle. It’s the country’s most visited attraction for a reason: the milky blue water averages between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius, minerals like silica and sulfur are abundant and can reportedly help with skin diseases, and there’s even a pool-side bar to help your cure all your other ails.

You’ll never want to leave, and as of 2017, you won’t have to.


The Lagoon’s new 60-room, five-star hotel and spa will sit beside the famed pools, with the entire project costing around ISK 400 million ($4 million AUD). Little is known about the specifics of the new hotel, but in any sense, it’s going to be a great addition to the soaking experience. It’s set to open sometime next year, with the addition of big rocks flanking the pools, added in an effort to stop strong winds at the Lagoon.



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Can. Not. Wait.

FYI: Iceland have a pretty strict code of hygiene when it comes to their many hot springs, so make sure you check out their excellent instructional videos on hot-tubbing before you go.

(h/t Inside Hook, images: Blue Lagoon)

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