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You Can Visit Iceland’s Whale Sanctuary And Two Very Cute Beluga Whales Next Month

You Can Visit Iceland’s Whale Sanctuary And Two Very Cute Beluga Whales Next Month

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When you think about it, whales are just very good sea boys. And very good sea boys deserve a very good home. That’s just what Iceland is doing by opening the world’s first open-water whale sanctuary and welcoming two beluga whales next month.

The Sea Life Trust’s Beluga Whale sanctuary has been six years in the making. In June, they’ll finally welcome two beluga whales to the natural waters of Iceland’s Westman Islands, and animal lovers will be able to visit them once they’re all settled in.


The whales, named Little Grey and Little White (cuuute), were born in Russia but have lived most of their lives in captivity at an aquatic park in China. The sanctuary will be a much better home for them, giving them free rein in an area that’s roughly the size of six football fields in a more natural climate for them.


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After these very good whales arrive, visitors will be able to sail out onto the bay to catch a glimpse of them doing whatever it is that whales do when they’re not being kept in tanks. If you find yourself in Iceland before these very good whales arrive, the sanctuary is already open with a Puffin Rescue Centre that you can visit.

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Because I know you’re dying to know more about these two stars – Little Grey is playful, curious and a little bit cheeky (she’s been known to spit water at her handlers, and if it was anyone else we’d be mad, but Little Grey gets a pass), while Little White is a bit more shy and reserved, but just as cute and loving.

While you’re planning your Iceland trip, get around the language with the catchy-as-hell karaoke song the country released. If road trips are your thing, Iceland’s Ring Road is one of the best, and the land of ice and fire has plenty of amazing sights to see and places to stay.

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(Lead image: SEA LIFE TRUST Beluga Whale Sanctuary)

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