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How To Travel Like You’re A Member Of Succession’s Roy Family

How To Travel Like You’re A Member Of Succession’s Roy Family

Succession’s Roy family might be television’s most toxic dynasty, but good lord know how to screw a sibling in style. Deciding to make a “blood sacrifice” on a luxurious mega-yacht? Keen for a hunting trip to Hungary that devolves into a game of personal humiliation? What about holding a wedding in Italy or England that ends in manslaughter or corporate espionage? Yeah they’ve been there, done that.

So, with the season four trailer dropping, it’s the perfect time have a look at some of the show’s stunning destinations… just keep the inter-family betrayal to a minimum, yeah?

(Spoilers ahead, you have been warned).

The Solandge.

Season Two, Episode Ten.
The Solange Yacht
Imagery Credit: Mathieu Bardon

The final episode of Succession’s stunning second season features the entire Roy clan getting together on a Jeff Bezos-size mega-yacht to decide which member will be given up to the feds as a “blood sacrifice” for Waystar-Royco’s sexual misconduct/corporate murder scandals.

The majority of the episode was shot on “The Solandge”, a yacht that you can hire for an easy $1 million a week. With 12 guest rooms and space for 34 crew, the Solandge features a chromotherapy spa (I don’t know what that means), a massage room, a fully stocked wine cellar, a jet-stream swimming pool on the main deck, a cinema room and an elevator big enough to fit nine guests.

The inside of the Solange Yacht
I hope they serve schnitties. Imagery Credit: Solange

Easton Castle, England.

Season One, Episodes Nine and Ten.
Eastnor, a 19th-century castle in Herefordshire, England

Season one climaxes with a brilliant couple of episodes set around Shiv and Tom’s wedding at Eastnor, a 19th-century castle in Herefordshire, England. The episodes feature manslaughter, extramarital affairs, a hostile takeover, an exploding satellite and a touch of fratricidal blackmail. You can experience all that for around $1200 a night in a room just like this:

 Bedroom in Eastnor, a 19th-century castle in Herefordshire, England
Can’t think of a better location from which to blackmail your son.

Rancho Alegre, New Mexico.

Season One, Episode Seven.
Rancho Alegre, New Mexico.

By the time season one is just seven episodes in, things are so bad for the Roy family that they decide to meet up for a few days of therapy at Rancho Alegre, a stunning, art-filled ranch just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Recently described as “The coolest ranch in New Mexico” by Conde Nast Traveller, Rancho Alegre features an 11,000 square foot main residence, an infinity pool, a recording studio and a chapel… because when you’re busy betraying members of your own family, you’ll need a place nearby to seek forgiveness.

The price is available on request, so it’s definitely in our price range, right?

Rancho Alegre, New Mexico.
Just watch your teeth when you dive into the pool.

Villa Cetinale, Sovicille, Italy.

Season Three, Episodes Eight and Nine.
Villa Cetinale, Sovicille, Italy.

Season three finished up by going back to familiar territory for the Roys: family drama at a wedding. The final two episodes feature drunken drownings, Cousin Greg trying to scam his way into an Italian royal family and Logan finally screwing all his children at once, rather than his usual divide-and-conquer technique. But the star of the show has got to be Villa Cetinale, a 17th-century property with 13 bedrooms, extensive gardens and a private chapel. The perfect place to betray your wife from. A four-night stay for two guests will set you back just… *checks notes* $30,000.

Villa Cetinale, Sovicille, Italy.
For just $30,000 for four nights, you could also screw your entire family from a beautiful villa.
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