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Here’s How You Can Spend A Night In The London Eye

Here’s How You Can Spend A Night In The London Eye

The iconic London eye is about to give tourists the experience of their dreams. Literally.

A trip to the famous ferris wheel is a staple for any first time visitor to London. Surrounded on all sides by classic English landmarks, one loop around will have you spotting Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge, all while hovering over the Thames. It’s a must-do ticket, and despite the long queues, over 50 million people have been drawn to the attraction.

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Now, in news that is extremely exciting to all people who love either rides, views, London or all of the above, TripAdvisor Rentals has teamed up with the famous London landmark to offer a night in the London Eye. That’s right, you could be sleeping in the ferris wheel. It’ll be all decked out like a ritzy hotel room, with tropical inspired decor. You can also call the guard at any point to bring you down in case you want off.

Your digs. Photo: TripAdvisor

To make the deal even sweeter, afterwards you get an extra three nights at a TripAdvisor rental in the city. This way you can see all of the sights you saw from the Eye up close.


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The competition is only valid to the winner and a guest and as far as we know, there aren’t any plans for the London Eye to go full Airbnb. But imagine being the first and only people to sleep above the iconic London skyline?

To enter the competition (which you can do here, by the way), all you need to do is fill out a simple form. Too easy!

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