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FYI, Doughnut Fries Are Now A Thing In Brisbane

FYI, Doughnut Fries Are Now A Thing In Brisbane

As we’re all aware, the stout, soft rings of fried deliciousness that we know as doughnuts can only be matched by their longer, more savoury cousins, the fry.

For years, these two have lived in perfect harmony, complementing each other by reigning supreme at either side of the deep fried spectrum. One sweet, one savoury. But now? Now we are living in 2017. And in 2017, we have the power to bring the fry and the doughnut together.

Introducing: doughnut fries.

The Doughnut Bar in Brisbane has pioneered the creation by frying the hand-cut dough into long, crispy sticks and smothering them in cinnamon and sugar. Exquisite.

You can pick up some doughnut fries for yourself in the Brisbane CBD location or at the Eat Street Markets. 

Wow, aren’t they just magnificent?

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We’re not sure what we’ve done to deserve such an incredible innovation. But we’re counting our lucky stars. Thanks, 2017.

(Lead image: Eat Street Markets/Facebook)

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