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ATTN Muggles: A Harry Potter Beer Festival Is Touring The USA

ATTN Muggles: A Harry Potter Beer Festival Is Touring The USA

A Harry Potter Beer Festival Is Touring The USA

Most of us who grew up reading Harry Potter are old enough to drink now and, chances are, each and every one of us has an intense yearning to try butterbeer. Put on your house robes and hop on your broomstick, because a Harry Potter beer festival is touring the United States.

Rock Star Beer Festivals is casting a spell and transforming locations across the USA into some of the most beloved locations in the Wizarding World. The beer festival is recreating the Hogwarts Great Hall, Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron – basically everywhere we wanted to be while growing up and reading Harry Potter and the something-or-other.


It wouldn’t be a beer festival without some delicious tastings, and even the most hardcore craft beer lover will be satisfied at the range that’s conjured up. More than twenty winter, pumpkin and holiday ales will be available, including secret cider potions and, of course, butterbeer.


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There’ll also be plenty of chances to snap some photos with your favourite characters, live music and food to pair with your drinks.

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The Harry Potter beer festival is touring through Portland, Denver, Seattle, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Louisville and Austin until May 11, with events happening most Friday and Saturday nights. Tickets start at US$35 (AU$49). Events are selling quick, so be sure to get tickets for the festival in your city quickly. Accio tickets!


If you can’t make it, you’d better put this Harry Potter pop-up potions bar in Australia in your calendars right now!

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