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Hang On, How Is This Hotel Real?

Hang On, How Is This Hotel Real?

American traveller Bianca Sharma was sailing the Mediterranean Sea when she stopped over on the beautiful Amalfi coast in southern Italy. While there, she spotted an abandoned 17th century monastery high up in the hills. Seeing that it was for sale, she decided to buy it – as you do.

She then went on to restore the decrepit building and establish the beautiful Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel and Spa – and she did a bang up job of it too.


Fitted with just 20 rooms, this luxurious spot sits right above the bustling hub of the Amalfi coast, a town famous for its picturesque coastlines and steep cliffs. Nestled high in the cliffs, the building is surrounded by four-levels of lush gardens, plentiful lounge chairs, canopied daybeds and an infinity pool to end all infinity pools.

That view!

Their in-house spa is stellar too. Fully-equipped with treatment rooms and large-scale amenities, hotel guests will have access to a sauna, steam room, mosaic-tiled “experience shower” (ooh la la), a hydro pool and tepidarium.



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Seriously though, how is this place real?


Let’s never leave.

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