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Australia Is Getting Its First Capsule Hotel

Australia Is Getting Its First Capsule Hotel

In very great news, Sydney’s jumping on trend to replicate one of Japan’s most loved accommodation options – the humble capsule hotel.

Sydney’s new capsule hotel, which is yet to be named, is set to open on George Street in the CBD at the old Bar Century site. The project has been in development for the past year, with designers Giant Design on board to realise the dream. The team will be keeping the building’s vintage exterior while completely gutting the inside to look more like a design hotel.


Capsule hotels are ubiquitous in Japan – these small, bed-only rooms are basic but cheap options for backpackers who aren’t too fussed by the bells and whistles of regular hotel accommodations.

While a teeny tiny room might not sound as appealing as a regular hotel room, it really is the low cost that will be the drawcard at the new Sydney site. Prices will range between $35 and $50 a night for a capsule, and will vary depending on bed size and ease of entry/exit (ie. if the beds will have traditional horizontal entry points, or have access from another side).

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The opening is set for mid-November – keep your eyes peeled.

(h/t Broadsheet, lead image: 9 Hours Capsule Hotel)

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