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The Trailer For Hamish & Andy’s New Travel Show Has Big Chaotic Energy

The Trailer For Hamish & Andy’s New Travel Show Has Big Chaotic Energy

Your faves Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have finally given us a trailer for “Perfect” Holiday, their brand-new travel show.

In each episode, the pair will take it in turns to plan an itinerary for the other person — and neither will know what activities they’ll be doing until they’re actually, you know, doing it.


If the trailer is anything to go by, this premise is mostly an elaborate excuse to prank each other, but it’s also the sort of setup that’s bound to lead to some heart-warming moments between the real-life BFFs.

Fans of Hamish and Andy’s hijinks (pretty much all of Australia) have been eagerly awaiting a trailer for the duo’s new show. It’s been five years since Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year wrapped up — a series which saw them attempt Germany’s hottest sausage, get pummelled in a vicious Roller Derby game, and eat spiders in Cambodia.


For “Perfect” Holiday, they’re travelling to North America to try to best, craziest and most idiotic things from the depths of the Canadian wilderness to the peaks of the Colorado Rockies.

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Judging by the trailer, the 90-minute episodes will be packed full of Hamish & Andy’s classic chaotic energy gags, jokes and adventures. The first episode alone promises high-stakes stunt driving in Washington, eating the world’s hottest chilli and living large in a casino in Las Vegas, meeting a real-life Wolverine in Alaska and getting sweet revenge on an old rival in Texas.


Nine hasn’t announced an official release date for “Perfect” Holiday yet, but if the tweet above anything to go by then we might be getting the first episode in three weeks.

(Lead image: Hamish & Andy / YouTube)

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