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Hamilton Is About To Hit Disney+ And We Are Not Calm

Hamilton Is About To Hit Disney+ And We Are Not Calm

I’ve got the best news since sliced bread, or at least since the world went into lockdown: huge hit musical, Hamilton, is coming to Disney+ on July 3.

Fast-tracked by more than a year, the kind people at Disney decided it was a good idea to bring us all some joy and we sit and anxiously await the day we can all roam the country like normal again.

The production coming to Disney+, originally slated for a cinema release in October 2021, was recorded at the Richard Rodgers theatre in New York with the original Broadway cast in 2016.

This officially means that you can have the best seat on Broadway, while also snuggled up in your coziest tracksuit with oodles of junk food. What a dream!

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Creator of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is apparently just as excited as we are by the news. After he sent out a tweet of the news, his wife Vanessa Nadal shared a behind-the-scenes shot of him nervously waiting to make the above announcement. To which Miranda replied, stating that he had “never been so happy/nervous in my life”.

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All a bit cute really!

In case you missed it, Hamilton is the story of an orphan in the Caribbean, who moves to New York City in 1776 and goes on a journey of love, politics and revolution. It’s a story about leadership, determination, hope, love and the power of people — all particularly relevant to the current state of the world. And yes, it’s the one with rapping.

And all you have to do is make sure you’re on Disney+, which also has Star Wars, classic Disney films and Pixar, so as if you’re not already on it anyway, IMO.

If you’re in need of some viewing inspo before July, check out the shows and movies that are getting the AWOL team through isolation here.

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