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You Can Crash A Zoom Meeting Full Of Adorable Guide Dogs Next Week

You Can Crash A Zoom Meeting Full Of Adorable Guide Dogs Next Week

A screenshot of three dogs from Guide Dogs Australia on a Zoom meeting call.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been getting pretty bored on my lunch breaks since I started working from home. Thankfully, Guide Dogs Australia is throwing a big lunchtime Zoom meeting with their best labradors and puppies in training next week, and we’ve all invited.

To celebrate International Guide Dog Day on Wednesday, April 29, the organisation is calling on all their best dogs to throw what we believe is the first ever public puppy Zoom meeting.

The star of the show will be Zoom (yes, that is also the dog’s name), a three-week old puppy and Guide Dog in training who I would die for.

Joining Zoom will be a bunch of fully-fledged Guide Dogs who are already changing the lives of people with blindness or low vision. There’ll even be a few humans getting involved to answer questions from the audience and, hopefully, shower the dogs in all the love and praise they deserve.

The meeting’s chat will be wide open, so you’ll be able to tell the dogs how much you love them and share your collective “Awwws” with the group.

Honestly, my lunchtimes are a bust unless I can harass my housemates to eat with me or go on a socially distant walk around the block, so this dose of cuteness couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Guide Dogs Australia Zoom puppy meeting is happening from 12pm until 12.30pm on the day, with more information on the Facebook event page here.

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It’s free to join, and you can even connect directly from the meeting link here.

Maybe you’ll be watching with a plate of homemade Monte Carlo biscuits in front of you, or perhaps something you whipped up with sashimi-grade tuna — who cares, though, because this is one lunchtime where the food is the least important thing. Bring on the puppies!

(Lead image: Guide Dogs Australia / supplied)

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