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A ‘Mad Max’ Festival Happened & It Looked Pretty Unreal

A ‘Mad Max’ Festival Happened & It Looked Pretty Unreal

Clad in disheveled leather, oversized goggles and combat boots, thousands of Mad Max fans came together recently for a post-apocalyptic festival that makes every other festival (even Burning Man) look tame.

Taking place in the Mojave Desert in Southern California, the festival is appropriately called Wasteland Weekend and it sees cosplayers take their obsession to the extreme, allowing fans of the film franchise to experience what life would be like in a dystopian world.

Photo: Warvan/Flickr

With the desert as its backdrop and cinema-worthy sets erected all around the festival site, there’s no authenticity lacking at Wasteland. DJs, bands and themed activities take place throughout the site all weekend, with festival-goers following suit with studded garb and frightening masks that mimic the film’s characters.

The four-day post-apocalyptic party began in 2010 and has seen a pretty rapid growth each year. This year’s incarnation, which took place in September, was a sellout crowd of over two-and-a-half-thousand people.


Aside from the music and car hooning, the organisers have created a range of events to send any Mad Max fan into a state of euphoria, including an interactive game called “jugger” in which a skull is used in the place of a ball; an homage to 1989’s The Blood of Heroes.

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Interested in venturing away to your own dystopia? We’d recommend  you start getting your costume ready now (seriously, costumes are a really big deal) and planning your trip – the festival takes place every September and sells out fast.

Check out this video of last year’s Wasteland Weekend to see what it’s all about.


(Lead image: Wasteland Weekend/Facebook)

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