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Google Maps Will Now Let You Save Your Travel Bucket List

Google Maps Will Now Let You Save Your Travel Bucket List

We travellers are forever exchanging stories, tips, recommendations and warnings from the places we’ve been – sharing information is at the centre of all holiday planning.

Well, this age-old system will go digital next week when Google launches its new list feature. It will be a a much better way to keep tabs on your ever-growing travel bucket list than your poorly-scribed phone notes.

Google said they’re launching the service “because sharing is caring” and with travel this couldn’t be more true. The function will allow you to save your favourite places to curated lists and share them at the click of a button, whether it’s a list of hometown hangouts or an extravagant around-the-world wish list.


You can collect and share location-based lists about anything – beaches, bars, landmarks, accommodation, transport, tour guides, tattoo shops, whatever – and carry them with you as you go.

Click a point on the map, write a comment (or don’t) and save it to a list such as ‘Want to go’ or ‘Melbourne tips for visitors’. Once your lists are saved you can share them via text, email or social media to friends, family and fellow travellers. The feature operates on Android, iOS and desktops, and if you download while connected to Wi-Fi so you can view the lists offline too. Sweet.

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So next time you promise a friend you’ll send a list of the top beaches you visited in Mexico or your favourite hometown brunch spots, you’ll have no excuse not to deliver.

See how it works here:

The Google Maps List function launches on February 20.

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