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Norway’s Newest Glampsite Is Out Of This World Amazing

Norway’s Newest Glampsite Is Out Of This World Amazing

Lofoten Islands

Taking incredible, hard-to-reach places and slapping some luxe-as-hell glampsites on the land has become wildly popular as of late. But if you’re searching for a camping experience in what is maybe one of the most stunning spots we’ve ever seen, check out Glamping in Norway’s Lofoten Islands.

The experience is a two-night, three-day stay in these stunning traditional Sami tents, which feature some of the most spectacular picturesque landscapes on earth.


Day one you’ll be taken on a cruise through the islands to pay some local wildlife a visit, like sea birds, whales and dolphins. Then, you’ll get to check out a goat farm producing local artisanal foods, and enjoy a three-course dinner overlooking the archipelago.

Day two is a hike, which takes you to the best vantage points to enjoy the stunning surrounds to the fullest. Afterwards is a cultural walk, where you will be guided through the rich history of the land. And then, on the final day, you’ll kayak through the Caribbean-like scenery atop the brilliant blue waters, with a cheeky stop for a picnic on the beach.

Lofoten Islands

The campsite itself consists of six grande teepees, which accommodate two people each, a bathroom tepee and a dining tepee.

Bespoke accommodation and incredible views aside, our favourite thing about this campsite is its responsible tourism approach. Its number one priority is looking after the planet, and does so by partnering with key player in the conservation sphere, like the Whale and Dolphin Conservation and Climate Care, to offset its carbon footprint.

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Lofoten Islands

Sound like something with your name written all over it? Check out the website for more details, or to book your stay.

How To Get There

  • Fly Qantas to London
  • Catch a connecting OneWorld partner flight to Lofoten
  • Glamping in Lofoten Islands — Lofoten

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