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Get Away From It All At This King Arthur Inspired Cabin In The Woods

Get Away From It All At This King Arthur Inspired Cabin In The Woods

Feeling the need to ditch the summer crowds? Here’s where you should go.

Inspired by the cave in which King Arthur and his knights allegedly sought refuge, Arthur’s Cave Cabin isn’t really a cave at all, but rather a pop-up hotel that’s designed to celebrate the Welsh landscape.

All in all, the cabin is intended to stimulate imagination and feel very much like a cave. Made of timber and insulated with sheep’s wool, the structure as a huge sliding glass door facade that mimics the entrance of a cave. Inside, plywood ribs on the walls and roof feel like the curves of a real cave, gently undulating towards the back of the structure where the bed sits.

It’s bloody beautiful.


Looking out of the floor-to-ceiling door, you’ll get primo views over the Welsh countryside. The interiors are stylishly modern with the room comprising of a simple fireplace, a chair, a comfy bed and not much else. It’s perfect for anyone who needs some “me time” to contemplate life, love and catch up on the final season of Merlin (considering the room’s inspiration, it only seems fitting).

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The pop-up hotel was designed by Miller Kendrick Architects and is a Visit Wales “Year of legends 2017” contest-winning design. The proposal will begin construction sometime this year. Can. Not. Wait.

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