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From Where You’d Rather Be: Sunset Marquis, LA

From Where You’d Rather Be: Sunset Marquis, LA

The Sunset Marquis seems worlds away from the seediness of the Strip – even though its characters literally adorn the walls here, framed for all eternity in pricey limited-edition prints. Pulling up to the hotel is an underwhelming experience – most Angelinos, including half a dozen Uber drivers, have never heard of the place – but once you’re past the non-descript, off-white awnings you start to realise the appeal of this urban oasis, especially for celebrities who value privacy over a viral clip on TMZ.


The Sunset Marquis’ 100 suites start at around $300 per night for a standard room, but for an extra $95 you get a separate lounge and entertaining area, a generous bathroom with double vanities and views out to the same pool comedian Rodney Dangerfield once skinny-dipped in. Ew! There are 52 villas for those who can afford it – a singer that cannot be named has spent six months living in the $7500 per night presidential suite – and a more secluded villa pool that’s open to all residents. With its own bar, Spanish-inspired design and plush white deckchairs, it’s just another element that adds to the Marquis’ resort feel.

The intimate 1200 Bar in the lobby is a great place for a nightcap with 40 of your new best mates. Just ask Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, who reportedly met his wife here. There’s nothing fancy about 1200 Bar’s cocktail menu, but if a bartender called Courtney is on shift she’ll make you her own version of coffee tequila with Patron and Kahlua that’s at least 50 percent more potent than the original. If you ask nicely she might even make you a specialty drink with vodka, muddled mint, cucumbers and a dash of “yoga sweat and spa water”. Not really – but who knows in LA?

(Photos: Sunset Marquis)

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