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The One With The Trivia Night: ‘Friends’ Trivia Is Coming To Supersmall Club In Melbourne

The One With The Trivia Night: ‘Friends’ Trivia Is Coming To Supersmall Club In Melbourne

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Do you catch yourself calling your best friend your “lobster”, have a strong opinion on whether Ross and Rachel were in fact on a break (they were) and can’t move a piece of furniture without screaming “PIVOT”? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to put your infinite knowledge to the test, because Supersmall Club in Melbourne is hosting its very own Friends trivia night this September.

Could we BE any more excited!?


The Friends trivia night dedicated to the greatest TV show of all time (don’t @ us) is going down on Saturday, September 29 at Supersmall Club in South Yarra. And honestly, we’re just stoked that watching an embarrassing amount of re-runs finally might just come in handy.

Buy in is $30, and includes two hours of bottomless cosmos, daiquiris, fruit tingles or beers! Just pick up your enormous bottomless cocktail glass on arrival, which you can keep on bringing up to the bar for re-fills.

Just don’t get Rachel Green drunk, call up the boy you’ve been obsessing over and leave voice mail demanding closure.

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Register for when tickets go on sale here to ensure you don’t miss out!

How To Get There

  • Fly into Melbourne
  • Take the SkyBus towards City to SkyBus Terminal
  • Walk 140m to Southern Cross Station
  • Take the Frankston towards Frankston to South Yarra
  • Walk 1km
  • Supersmall Club — 147 Commercial Road, South Yarra
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(Lead image: Warner Bros.)

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