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Paris Is Getting Real Life Flying Taxis

Paris Is Getting Real Life Flying Taxis

In an effort to solve the problem of overcrowded roads and transport pollution, a French engineering company has designed a range of taxis that’ll fly over water.

SeaBubbles was founded by French sailing champion Alain Thébault who sought out a solution to the transport issues plaguing major cities around the world. Thébault and his team came up with the flying water taxi, a fun, clever and environmentally sustainable way to commute using the waterways that already run through most cities. As stated on its website, “SeaBubbles will be like the yellow cab in NYC. But with a few big differences. It is Green, it is fun and it is safe. And you will not get stuck in traffic.”

Photo: SeaBubbles

It looks exactly like what you’d expect from a futuristic, floating vehicle, with a funky design and a robot at the wheel. The taxis are set to arrive in Paris in June, with the River Siene acting as the first waterway in the world to properly trial them. Preparations are currently underway to get the river set up with special docks and charging stations.

The vehicle can seat up to five people and uses electric powered “wings” to propel it into the air. Once airborne, the vessel sits at around 60cm above the water and travels at a max speed of 30km per hour. The technology is also specifically designed to allow for a smooth ride, meaning even those who suffer from motion sickness will benefit.

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And yes, we’re hoping to see the SeaBubble taxi in Australia sometime soon. Imagine skipping the crowded train for a SeaBubble taxi instead? What a dream.

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