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Someone Has Invented A Magic Jacket To Help You Cope In Melbourne’s Extreme Weather

Someone Has Invented A Magic Jacket To Help You Cope In Melbourne’s Extreme Weather

Much has been said about the volatility of Melbourne’s weather. ‘Four seasons in one day,’ runs the slogan. And it’s true – you just never know what to expect from a regular day.

Annoyingly, the Victorian capital’s unpredictable conditions means it’s hard to know what to wear. A jacket will become obsolete when the sun starts beating down, your thongs will end up being a huge mistake when the torrential downpour hits. It’s a nightmare.

A designer in Melbourne is fed up with the uncertainty and has made it his mission to create a garment to withstand all shades of weather. It’s an all purpose, all things considered concept named The Melbourne Jacket, and it’s genius.


The Melbourne Jacket is a garment specifically designed for Melbourne’s out of control weather patterns. It has everything you could ever want or need for when extreme weather hits: retractable thongs, snow gloves, a ski mask, an asthma storm respirator and an built-in singlet, among a bunch of other features.


One jacket and you’ll never have to worry about a change in weather again? That’s pretty sweet. It may even be really handy for some visitors who don’t want to pack a million different types of clothes.

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The project is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, with a goal of AUD$12,000 needed to get the concept off the ground.

Donate to the campaign here. Listen to the very good Crowded House song ‘Four Seasons In One Day’ here.

(All images provided/The Melbourne Jacket)

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